March is National Nutrition Month and it’s all about finding healthy foods you enjoy eating. The only problem is sometimes those healthy foods can make cooking more tedious. To help we decided to highlight 5 kitchen gadgets that can make healthy eating a breeze.  Avocado slicer- avocados are delicious, and can be used in a […]

What was your “light bulb moment” that made you get serious about your health goals?  When I saw that my weight was so high and I was having chest pains, hard time breathing.  That was my “ah ha” moment. What obstacles did you have to overcome? Exercising was my obstacle.  My struggle with exercising was […]

Having a supportive environment, using the right tools and celebrating small successes over time equaled real results.  This describes my wellness journey in the past year.  Not only have I dropped 40 pounds while training to run my first full marathon, but I have more energy than I have in a long time and, most […]

Heart disease, near-fatal strokes, heart failure and diabetes, things most of us want to avoid in our lifetime. So what keeps us more protected, pills or exercise? A recent study shows exercise is just as effective as medications for preventing disease and treating these chronic illnesses. The researchers from the London School of Economics, Harvard […]


Yes you heard right, breaking a sweat can help you avoid the lunchroom cupcakes. Several new studies indicate that your urge to eat dulls after a vigorous workout better than after a gentler workout/no workout at all. In one such study published in The International Journal of Obesity, researchers broke participants into three groups.  One […]

Burger king introduced a new product this week, rolling out the lower calorie option fries called Satisfries. With 20% fewer calories that BK’s original fries and 30% less than McDonald’s fries it’s giving people a “healthier” alterative. Burger King executives think this will be the next big thing, comparing it to diet soda according to […]

Dr. Ann Kulze’s new book, Dr. Ann’s Weigh Less for Life, recognizes the fact most of us have a sweet tooth and completely cutting off your sweets isn’t always realistic. So her solution?  Add dark chocolate to your diet. This healthy treat boosts brainpower, lifts our moods, and improves cardiovascular health. How do you get […]


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